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Admin Tracker

Download Admin Tracker in the apple App Store and begin tracking phones using Member Tracker+.
Admin Tracker Link: Download Now!
Member Tracker+ Link: Download Now!

How does it work? Well you first want to download the Admin Tracker app. Make an account and pay our $15.99 subscription fee. You will then be able to track the live location of up to 5 members.

After you create your account you will want to go and download Member Tracker+ on the device you wish to track. You will enter the same credentials used in Admin Tracker, select the member you want to track and enter the 4-5 digit Group Code that can only be accessed in the Admin Tracker app.

Your all set now, you can view the live location of the phone you just added. Stay safe! Make sure to turn on always location services in settings and make sure the target phone have the app running in the background.