Frequently Asked Questions

A Live Device is a link that you can use to share everything about yourself or your brand. These links can be embedded to NFC cards, QRCode, email signatures and more!

Live Devices can be shared through social platforms, in person, or through online channels like text message and email. You can share it with friends, family, colleagues, and potential clients.

Live Devices are made to be a single and simple solution to replacing business cards. You never have to share or order a physical paper business card again, you can simple share your link through the Live Cards app.

For a limited time, Live Devices are 100% FREE, no features are restricted. Simply download the app and create your own Live Device.

With Live Cards none of your information is saved in the NFC devices or QRCodes scanned by other people! Your information is securly saved on a separate server, this information can only be accessed when your card is authenticated with the Live Cards app! You can even lock your card if it gets stolen!

Other than the efficient and eco friendly aspect of replacing business cards with Live Devices, you will also make a lasting impression on who you share it with. If you’re sharing out link on your social media page, then you can add everything about yourself (Socials, website, email and more) in seconds!