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  • Share your contact information in seconds.

Live Devices

Share your contact information in seconds.

Share Contact Information In Seconds

Live Devices

Any person equipped with the Live Card app can scan your Live Device.

Live Devices use end - to - end encryption to ensure your information is safe with you and the person your exchanging information with.


Nobody wants to awkardly spell out each letter in their social media handle or scramble to remember their phone number.

Instead of facing the anxiety and headache of that scenario, who not go Digital.

Manage Live Devices

Phone number change? No problem, ith the Live Cards app your can manage and edit your Live Devices in real time.

This means that even people who scanned your Live Device in the past will have your information updated for them as well.

Lost your card? No problem, just lock it so no new people can scan it until you find it.

Live Devices can be scanned using NFC or QRCodes. Everything can be managed within the Live Cards app!

Live Devices

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